Saturday, June 17, 2006

September 1st, 2018

Background information..just for some added affect:
The CTA has not changed in the past oh....13 years, with the exception of track work and a new train route added. The increased population has caused thousands of more riders per week then in 2006, the year in which this blog/book is written. The train system is getting dirtier and dirtier and delays are common daily. And for those readers who have never taken a CTA Train, CTA stands for "Chicago Transit Authority" and is a huge part of the transit in Chicago. On August 20th, 2018, a week and a half ago, gas rose to a record high of $6.90 . The streets are filled with fewer cars and the CTA is under huge pressure of collapse.

Now, we begin.

September 1st 2018

"We set the date, for next week, Wednesday September 10th, alright?" the young man whispered into his cell phone.
"Yes, bring the necessary supplies. I must go, I'm approaching a mass of people and our 128-bit encryption is running dry." was the suddle response.
"Roger. Goodbye" Devin Whispered. He wish he felt as good about this whole thing as Colin did. However, he had gone too far into this to turn around. He would execute the plan he had been the mastermind of for weeks. Devin parked his car quickly in the parking lot of the train station, hoping to catch the train currently held at the station. He rushed out of his car and looked down at his watch. It read 8:21 AM, in bright red colors, as if he were legally blind. Moving towards the station, he passed up the main guard, and passed up the station at which he was supposed to pay his parking.
"Sir, are you aware the CTA requires you to pay a fee to park in their parking lot?" the Guard said.
"Really? I'm sorry, I'm in such a rush this morning, and I've got to catch that train. Gimme one minute I'll need to go get some money from my jacket in my car." Devin replied.
"Sure" the guard muttered.
Devin ran to his car, and pulled out some "money". He knew the routine. He observed that 8:21 was before the usual guard would collect the money from the machines. So when another car moved out of its space, he moved his car into that space, and since the guard was usually distracted by other things happening, she wouldn't have noticed the change in spots. Hopefully, if all went well, the person who's slot he parked in would have paid enough to stay for the whole day, a fee of only 3 dollars. If she paid the smaller fee, for only 1 hour parking, which no one ever does, he would be in big trouble, but he could always talk his way out of that. He walked over to the money stand and pretended to insert money in the slot. So this time he walked up to the number of the parking space he took and pretended to insert some cash, while actually inserting it and taking it out, holding it in the back of his hand. The security cameras were not closely monitored, so they wouldn't notice a difference. In addition, there were no security cameras aimed at the parking lot so his plan had about a 80% chance of working.
Devin then proceeded on to the machine which processed train cards. He inserted one he easily made off the internet. He had created a php program which made a bar code that would work with the machines. So technically, he paid only 1 time (to get a card which he could examine and figure out the algorithm to the bar code) for a train fee. It looked the same too and was laminated just the same, so the cameras which closely monitored the machines wouldn't notice. He got on the first train and sat literally in the room next to the driver of the train. There was a door between them but basically, he could easily here the words that came out of the drivers mouth and could see the controls of the train. This feature was introduced during the beginning of the CTA and still exists today in 2018.
The rest of the ride was very relaxing, he switched trains 1 time and fell asleep on the Red Line, a branch of the CTA. The day proceeded as normal, as he went to work and since he "paid" for round trip, the ride home was effortless as well.

The Trip To Nowhere

I write this short story, as a token to the knowledge gathered from riding the CTA's (Chicago Transit Authority) trains every day for 1 week. I take no responsibility for the actions taken by anyone due to reading this story. Remember, it is fictional and is written only to prove a point. I wish not to alert anyone of how to hijack trains of anything near that, but instead to alert riders of the dangers of our train system and alert the CTA of the problems with their system. I have gone 1 week using the CTA to go various places with friends and have gathered much knowledge. I will write a realistic fiction story based on this knowledge and once i have completed that story, i will continue to write the story of my trips that I have taken on the CTA. Once again, I take no responsibility for the actions taken by any readers of this blog/story. I will now begin my trip.